Monitr makes it easy to the stocks that are trending

Whether you are a trader, executive, researcher or data scientist make Monitr your starting point for better investment strategy and results.

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Learn more about the service that makes it easy to discover the stocks that are trending now.

Monitr makes it easy to find the stocks trending now.

Monitr leverages cloud computing, big data and software to analyze the financial markets to discover those stocks that are trending now. Thousands of companies, news stories, blogs and opinion pieces are analyzed daily to uncover the trends and displayed in an accessible and easy to use web based interface for investors and traders.

In addition, Monitr provides tools and analysis for those investors who believe tomorrow's stock prices are driven by news and opinion reported today.

Managing Your Portfolio

Monitr makes it easy for investors to manage your portfolio through an interactive dashboard.

Personalize your Portfolio

Add the companies that you are currently invested in to take advantage of the news and sentiment analysis.

Target the stocks you care about

Add the companies that you are interested in to gain a better understanding of value indicators.

Learn when a trend is detected, act early to maximize opportunity

Monitr will systematically analyze over 8,000 equities at the end of each trading day to uncover which stocks are trending.

Determine when a trend begins and ends

Monitr uses the cloud computing, big data and proven algorithms to detect market trends.

Leverage Market Data

Gaining access to market analysis, news sentiment and fundamentals can help to dramatically improve returns.

Discover Financial Market Trends

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started, Monitr will help you discover trending equities and markets. Leveraging tools, data and services like Monitr, is a time proven way to improve your investment and stock trading returns.

News Sentiment can move Markets

It is a wide held belief that news and opinion shapes and moves markets. Monitr uses cloud computing to analyze millions of articles a month, to determine the aggregate sentiment for thousands of companies in near real time.

Financial news and opinion analysis

For investors who believe news moves markets.

Access Monitr Anywhere

Discover which stocks are trending now, getting great or bad press from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Easy to Personalize

Add the companies you are most interested in following to your Portfolio. Monitr individual companies or your entire portfolio simply.

Monitr 10,000+ companies

Find companies from across world markets and monitor their technical, fundamentals, sentiment and news trends.

Monitr in the news

Find out what the press is saying about Monitr

Monitr is a centralized and comprehensive solution for investors looking to make well informed decisions from a variety of financial signals.

Venture Reports ❯

The extremely versatile Monitor analysis software can give you useful standard market indicators, such as stock price and history, as well as comparisons of company competitors, web “mentions”, and sentiment trends based on realtime news analysis.

VC Sheets ❯

Whether it be in finance, stocks, real estate, or contracting, the market landscape is constantly evolving; and with it, the need to gather information and interpret each specific market.

StartUP Champ ❯

Monitr offers a news-focused analysis tool to help better track financial trends and sentiment.

StartUp Beat ❯

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